Conscience Clash
Well, after the weekend challenge of making Jay-Man’s good and evil consciences look like friends, this image is showing their extreme rivalry.

Work to be done:
*More fire
*Fighting poses

Hi Jay Eff

first, I won’t comment on the image but here’s what I have to say.

I have nothing against Jay man or anything but you made dozens of pic using this model and I got the impression you’re over using it.

The model is ok, but it isn’t the best i’ve seen if you see what I mean.

I think you should try to invent a new character or something because this one have just been use to often by yourself. Each of your pic have it, and I think you should move on by making a new character to improve your skills.

It’s just my opinion, do watever you want. I’m just saying what I think.

X-Warrior: I model many of different objects, many projects for the WC are not Jay-Man related for me. This is in preparation of creating the first in what I hope to be a series of Jay-Man movies to be made over the coming years, so I am improving my knowledge of particle systems (fire), camera/path systems (focus blur), lighting, and scene design (Jay-Man’s apartment). My modelling is something I have focused on too much, and have let my lighting go on sucking, my scenes continued to suck, and I decided to start working on those now.
This image is playing with the other key factors in the art of 3D: lighting, mood, and character. Though Jay-Manian characters have no facial emotion, I am working on different methods to accomplish showing emotions through them and the scene they are in.
These two characters are complete opposites that are always at war with each other, so in this image I wish to depict that fact. I try to show the angelic glow and passiveness of the good conscience, and the angered flames of hell of the evil conscience.
So, yes, these models are reused in this, and many other images, but it is all in improving in my techniques and style. The character isn’t the only part of the 3D scenework.

As you already said, they lack facial expression. Right now I can’t tell if they’re fighting of dancing or what. The dislike between them needs to be made clearer. And what are those two blue balls?
*Shield in progress
*Fire in progress
*Cloud tests

By the blue balls, I prosume you mean those in the background? Those are the current lighting system that I am experimenting with. They will be improved upon.

Although i do have similar opinions as X warrior i wont rant about it… anywys… the fire needs more energy maybe bigger particles sizes and emtis turned up. and a fade added to the particle IPOs couldn’t hurt. and create a more random emittor i can see the concentric rings that are emitting the particle which downs the realism of it. Ands IMO u need a dif tew for the particles that flame texture is jus to repepetive.

There is a tutorial for making fire and flames with particles in the Blender Documentation.
Take a look, it might help.

Fonix Wircs: I have been working with learning IPOs for a week now, and will work on getting them to affect the fire. :slight_smile: That is why this is a work in progress. All of my Jay-Man pictures are works in progresses because they are leading to a movie. That had been my hope since I dove into Blender.
Eva: Thanks for the tutorial. I do not have time at this moment, but I will look through it tomorrow and work on improving the textures of the fire, and also the method I am using.

Thanks for your crits. That is what I need to be able to improve.