Consistent normals modifier and referencing a final modifier-ed mesh?

Hi, I have three questions related to modifiers. For context, these involve issues I keep running into when using modifiers for 3D printed designs.

Consistent normals modifier:
When exporting models, especially with boolean modifiers involved, I typically need to merge faces, make normals consistent, and triangulate before I export to STL to make sure the slicer process it correctly, but I don’t want to apply all the modifiers to do that on the final mesh. I see the weld and triangulate modifiers - but is there a modifier I can use to apply Make Normals Consistent on the final modifier-ed mesh?

Copy model:
Is there a way to reference an object’s final mesh (with modifiers applied)? I basically want to take a mesh object that’s created from a modifier stack and have instances of it in the scene that other models can reference in boolean operations. Right now I’m creating mesh references with duplicate modifier stacks (alt+D) but this is not scaling well with the project size and the need to iterate and keep all the modifier properties synced.

Local coordinate frame Booleans:
And related to the copy model question, is it possible to apply Booleans to the target meshs’ local coordinate frame (preferably with the modifier stack applied), instead of the mesh objects’ world transform?