Console compatability?

Is there any console compatibility with blender game engine? Or would I have to use the unreal engine?

The only way would be to go through an external game engine, as BGE has no console support. Unreal Engine would work, but the way I hear it, from the UE4 update, the built-in exporter currently does not work. I’m assuming it’s something that’ll be fixed in 2.71.

As far as I know there is no console compatibility in the bge

It also depends on the console as to what you need to do to really take advantage of that compatibility. I believe you have to apply to be a developer, regardless of which console you choose (and not every engine supports every console, I’d assume). I know Nintendo and Unity have a deal, but I’m not sure if Unity works with XBOX and PS4.

Unity is also capable of formatting to Xbox and PlayStation standards, although I’m not sure about Xbox One and PS4. The vast majority of high-end game engines support both Xbox and PlayStation, or neither. It’s usually Nintendo that gets left out. A lot of game engines, Unity included I believe, can export to Android for either mobile, or for Ouya.

PS4 plugin is coming still, and there is no news of Xbox One yet.

Blender can pretty much never export to Xbox, because it relies on DirectX. PS relies on OpenGL, so it would be easier to port it to PS, however you would still require a development license from SONY and a lot of work from some very good developers.

Thanks for the feedback. And Unity does work with every console from mobile android to PSVITA to ps4 to xbox360 and even xbox one! :slight_smile: (at least in unity 4 so i heard.)

So can PSVITA work for BGE or the gpl is still a no go for Sony?

It could be coded to export to PSVITA, with a lot of work, but it would be a hassle to get an open source program licensed.

That depends on your definition of working. If the developers at the Blender Foundation really wanted to, they could get Blender to export for PlayStation platforms, but they’ll never get licensing. Blender, while widely respected by its users, is often actually looked down at for being free.

So, Sony can use free soft for PlayStation, but dont like free game engines…

They want things that make them look good, and that don’t cost them money And Blender certainly doesn’t make them look good at all.

Console support is impossible without a complete paradigm change on behalf of the console makers.

Currently, all of the major consoles have an environment that’s completely incompatible with the GPL, the developers really can’t do much of anything if they tried.

Forget about using an open source engine that doesn’t charge an upfront fee either, as the consoles also pretty much have a ban on anything made with that type of software.