Console Crashes


I have a big problem with blender. I need the Console for debugging. Everytime I start blender or manually open the console it closes after half a second. i cannot procede with any project without the console. What can I do?

regards, azul

Have you tried running it from the command-line?

What do u mean with command-line?

After starting up blender I opened the blenderplayer.exe file, the console opened and closed after half a second.

He means like this: start up a cmd window, then type

c:“Program Files”\blender-2.61-release-windows32\blender.exe

or whatever directory you put it in.

Press Help/Toggle system console.

Since somewhere around blender 2.5x beta the console was turned off, because most users don’t need it and it was bothering a lot of people. But you can turn it back on.

thank you FreeMind. It works now