Console-like text


I’ve been trying to model text, that’ll be overlayed on another scene render (for a HUD). However, I can’t seem to be able to get the text look even remotely like I’d want to.

I’ve found that the effect I’d like is well demonstrated here. What I can’t get is a font that has constant line width and the correct monospace+square aspect ratio.

Has anyone here attempted this kind of text modelling before, and if so do you have any tips to get that “terminator” look? :slight_smile:

I know the question is vague, but I really have no idea where to begin for this. Thanks in advance for any hints!

  • Nel.

Is this for a picture, movie or the game engine? For a picture/movie just do the text with a alpha background in a graphics program and map it to a plane and billboard it.


It is for a movie. The transparent billboard did come to mind, but I’d like to find a solution that allows for greater flexibility - My plan was to then hook a FrameChanged script to the text, that would modify the text displayed on the HUD during the animation. With a static billboard, that’d mean a lot of extra work compared to scripting the changes.

That is why I’m looking for a way to get good looking HUD text with a blender Text object.

  • Nel.

Okay, never mind. I still had Toon Edge Shading enabled in the renderer, that is what was screwing up all my fonts. Disabling it gives an effect that is exactly what I was looking for.

Sorry for the noise.

  • Nel.

You can do this by rendering the text with a shadeless material with and the camera in ortho mode (rgba and premul). Then render your scene and the merge them in the sequence editor. It’s best to break the rendering up that way you can change the hud animation or the main animation without redoing the other and you can still use your script to change the text.

an example done the above way:


edit --> you replied while I was making the demo image – glad you got it working