Console Rendering

How to render image with blender without running desktop environment like KDE or Gnome (no graphical interface)?
I have Mandrake 10.1 commercial linux.
I tryed typeing something like this:
./blender -b file.blend

Blender answer was:

"‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback

blender quit"

No image was rendered :frowning:

Please HELP!

C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender>blender -h
Blender V 2.35
Usage: blender [options ...] [file]

Render options:
  -b <file>     Render <file> in background
    -S <name>   Set scene <name>
    -f <frame>  Render frame <frame> and save it
    -s <frame>  Set start to frame <frame> (use with -a)
    -e <frame>  Set end to frame (use with -a)<frame>
    -a          Render animation

Animation options:
  -a <file(s)>  Playback <file(s)>
    -p <sx> <sy>        Open with lower left corner at <sx>, <sy>
    -m          Read from disk (Don't buffer)

Window options:
  -w            Force opening with borders
  -W            Force opening without borders
  -p <sx> <sy> <w> <h>  Open with lower left corner at <sx>, <sy>
                        and width and height <w>, <h>

Game Engine specific options:
  -g fixedtime          Run on 50 hertz without dropping frames
  -g vertexarrays       Use Vertex Arrays for rendering (usually faster)
  -g noaudio            No audio in Game Engine
  -g nomipmap           No Texture Mipmapping
  -g linearmipmap       Linear Texture Mipmapping instead of Nearest (default)

Misc options:
  -d            Turn debugging on
  -noaudio      Disable audio on systems that support audio
  -h            Print this help text
  -y            Disable OnLoad scene scripts, use -Y to find out why its -y
  -P <filename> Run the given Python script (filename or Blender Text)
  -R            Register .blend extension
  -v            Print Blender version and exit

so, you probably want
blender -b filename.blend -a
blender -b filename.blend -f 60

[leading ./ omitted, you ought to be able to figure it out]

it looks like you just forgot to tell it WHAT to render.

“blender -b filename.blend -a”

Another small question:
How to define name and location of rendered file?
I have
but i want to have

The output file name is in the Rendering Buttons window… so you must set it with the GUI and then save the file :slight_smile:


I use this, through a Makefile, for all “real” renders because it works very fast.