"Consolidate into one image" feature in 2.6x


Anybody has an alternative solution in blender 2.6x for the “Consolidate into one image” script that was written for 2.49?

Here is the page of the script in the wiki: http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.4/Py/Scripts/Image/Image_Auto_Layout

There was a Texture paint Pluss addon that could consolidate textures but stopped working about blender 2.62. You could ceck it out and ask the author.
Alternatively do it the manual way,
Duplicate the objects, join them to make one object.
Rearrange their uvs (Ctrl+A to autoscale and Ctrl+P to auto pack)
Select the original objects, then this combined object abnd use the Texture baking function to bake the texture from all the origial textures to this one combined texture