Consolidate into one texture creating black image.

Hi all. I am using blender 2.49 and have been creating game textures using the consolidate into one texture feature. However, recently attempting to use this only creates a black image. I am not sure what I am doing wrong (or differently).

Any help is appreciated.

are you perhaps trying to bake an image texture onto itself?

Not sure what that means, but what I am actually trying to achieve is take a model that has multiple textures, and merge them into one texture.

I guess I am not sure what feature you are asking about. Could you briefly describe the process? I think you are reffering to texture baking, but I am not sure.

for instance I have a model of a building, which is comprised of multiple textures (just regular images) I had been using “Consolidate into One Texture” that combines the existing texture files into one texture map (png) and effectively remaps the model to that singular image…