Consolidating textures into atlas = how many textures are too many?


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the game I am making has currently 18 textures in use, namely
“warrior”, “skeleton”, “weapons”, “fireball”, “buttons”, “powerups”, “wall1”, “wall2”, “floor”, “lava”, etc…

They are not used simultaneously, for example when you are fighting the skeleton there are no
fireballs shot at you, etc.

I could consolidate those into fewer or even one texture, but this makes harder to edit and especially
to test new textures.

So, with, say, 20 textures of resolution 512 x 512 each, is it Ok to have them separately or do I need
to consolidate ?

Thanks in advance !

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only thing you need to ask yourself is this:
Do i target P286 or do i target something of the past 5 years?

These days it really doesn’t matter, it just depends on what systems you target to play the game on.
All new systems from 2 years till today come with atleast 2GB video memory and 8GB ram. so 20 is no sweat at all. Ofcourse 1 texture for everything is way better, but you should do this when you are done with the game/textures. so at the end you create 1-5 texture atlases and you are ready to go

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Thanks Cotaks, it’s what I needed to hear.

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what will you be batching into 1 draw?

the more STATIC objects all using 1 material the better for draw call batching,

remember we can use vertex splat mapping

if color.magnitude > X -> use atlas
else -> use splat mapping in nodes

vertex color ---- split rgb - (add R to G and add B to R+G) -> magnitude

(terrain and buildings / props can all use 1 material this way)

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Hello BluePrintRandom,

Sorry, I do not even know what “draw call batching” is :blush:
…nor splat mapping :blush: :blush:

But I will look into it, thanks for your reply!