Conspiracy believers, if it's not a conspiracy theory it's a lie.

Seriously reading some posts by ManDingo and others, it’s not that they believe in conspiracy theories, it’s that they ONLY believe in conspiracy theories as it seems and nothing else.

I’m meaning like if something isn’t a conspiracy theory it’s a lie, there’s no such thing as something that’s not a conspiracy, anything that’s true must be a conspiracy theory, if it’s not it’s an outright lie.

Just have to get it out there, some people who won’t believe anything that’s not a conspiracy theory. Every single thing in their books that’s true is a conspiracy, diseases, media, even the dust on your computer monitor. Heck maybe they believe in a wacky conspiracy theory over the existance and planting of flowers in their yards and Blender:eek:

Seems like flame bait to me. CD, why not edit this whole post into extinction? You really don’t have to get it out there. You’ve got an ignore button, just like everyone else.

There are multiple forms of close-mindedness.

Look after seeing conspiracys for everything from AIDS to Agriculture to Autism (if they mean Autism spectrum it would be a little more personal) I had to say something that would sum the entire range of those theories and their beliefs up.

I think you’re a conspiracy.

CD, I don’t believe everything is a conspiracy.

When I see inconsistancies in something, I tend to try and find out why they are there, what is the cause.
Many times I find a conspiracy. I belive in action, reaction, basicly there is a reason for everything, when someone gives me a reason that does’nt make sense, or that goes agianst other reasoning, I try and find the answer.

You claim you are a dragon, post a picture of yourself, take a camera and take a picture of yourself, we shall see if you really are a dragon. You can offer no proof of your claim, you can believe all you want that you are a dragon, but the proof is in the pudding my friend, you think that CTers are off there rocker, yet you fail to bring us evidence of what you believe.
Please explain to us the reasoning behind this belief though, so maybe we can better understand you as a person.
My personal take on what you are doing is that you want to belive that you are special, that your life has meaning, mostly because you have been sheltered from the rest of the world because of your upbringing. You felt as a teen that nobody understands you, you feel as though you have been shunned from the rest of society, you like dragons, so to try and find yourself, to try and figure out who you are and where you belong in life, what your lifes purpose is. You make up this idea that you are a dragon, dragons are cool, you’ve never before been considered cool by your peers, you may not even have peers because of the strict upbringing by your religious parents. You need to feel special, thinking you are a dragon makes you feel that way.
I understand the need and want of wanting to feel special, CD, you are special, you’ve become a really good artist here on BA, you are special and your life has meaning and purpose, but instead of resorting to fantasy, go out into the rest of the world, learn how to adapt to there ways, be in the world, but not of it, you don’t have to sin and resort to things you think are bad, you will find people who do like you and people who don’t.
Me personally, I found out I only had one real friend, and me and her aren’t even friends anymore, mostly because I found that I had such a profound effect on her life that I messed her life up just by leaving, so I figured I might as well leave permenantly before She grows attached to me more, because I could end up ruining her life permenantly.
It seems that I become a moral compass for many of my friends, when I left TX, there lives fell apart.
I am now commited to not having friends.
I don’t want to destroy anymore lives.


You are the last person who should to be commenting on conspiracy theorists man.


You are no better.

What if, tho, man… like… what if… the conspiracy theories are like… just like a big conspiracy! Right? I mean, like… whoa, man! What if the government WANTS people to think that they’re really this evil big corporate run, world dominating thing, right. Cause like… who would have the balls to stand up to them if people thought they could, like… totally just… abuse you… or like kill you or take you to some, like, place where no one ever leaves, right? But then like, give them ‘free speech’, right, so they can like talk about it and stuff, and say “yeah that really sucks man”, but they’ll all be too pussy to do anything.

man, that’s some trippy shit right there, man…

I was thinking along the lines of opening a thread with a similar theme and then decided that there might be some controversy to this and it will be too much of a hassle. So you did it for me instead and only you can get away with it. Now “great minds think alike” but I put this to just random thoughts I had earlier, and that it a coincidence that you opened the thread.

I wish that future of this thread is one to end all threads of a similar nature including the two others (Moon & Waco) but that is a nightmare - where else can I post my random thoughts and get it ignored just like I want it too? :yes:.

Squiggly_P, put down the pipe buddy, you’ve had too much, j/k.
THere are actually some people who believe that, but those are the same poeple that believe that the government makes weed illegal because you can “communicate with aliens by smoking it”.


Heart-to-heart aside, many of these conspiracy theories have more inconsistencies than what everybody thinks really happened.

True, but then there are some things that don’t make sense.

Concerning the JFK thing, why did the secret service agent in the presidential car tell the others in the SSA car to stand down? even the other SSA’s were confused by that action, then shortly after that, bam he’s dead, plus the fact that JFK was shot twice and there’s that magic bullet that somehow shot around in his body. It’s pretty hard to snipe someone twice with a bolt action sniper riffle, you have to reload and readjust your view, reaim, takes a lot longer than you think.




Dude, that’s one mystery that will never be cracked.

These are short videos, no need to sit through a long documentary. The evidence is powerful and speaks for itself.

(Warning: Graphic Images of recent torture of US citizens in the US)

This is the world you live in today.

Take action.

LOL! Cyborg Dragon, I’m only expressing an opinion, I’m not trying to scare you, I’m your friend, you can trust me.:evilgrin:

But CD, we’re surrounded by occult symbols and secret societies. Even the great American experiment in Liberty was funded by secret societies. Did you realize the Statue of Liberty has been closed since 9/11 2001? That means the experiment is over. Ha, ha, ha.

And what about the Occult Olympic games we just had, does the gold medal mean the Sun, silver the Moon and bronze the Earth, or I’m just pulling your leg. See you don’t know.

Or how about the Generals in WW1 and WW2 do you really think they were that incompetent or was it a form of human sacrifice?

Some people believe in conspiracy theories, other beleive they are really dragons in human form.

Or perhaps they don’t want another terrorist attack on an important landmark.

Surely these aren’t just pieces of precious metal where the metal of the highest value (and by most considered the highest aesthetic value) goes to the athlete with the best performance.

Incompetent commanders in WW2? The biggest waste of men during WW2 in a short period of time was on D-Day when the Americans landed for the Americans and during Germany’s blitzkrieg against Russia for the Russians. The Americans chose to land in Normandy to make a statement (“look what we did to your shitty Atlanticwall”) as well as to save civilian lives (other landingsites would be too close to urban areas for a battle or too far away from the UK).

The Russians suffered massive casualties during the early war and this was actually due to the incompetence of their commanders. Why? Because Stalin killed every competent commander he had because he didn’t trust them.

The massive amounts of casualties during WW1 are simply because the commanders tried to fight traditional-style wars with modern weapons. Charging all your forces against entrenched machineguns: not a good idea. Furthermore they believed their men weren’t capable of grasping simple tactics so they didn’t assign squad leaders or anything. Later on in the war tactics changed from full-scale assaults to smaller raids as both commanders and soldiers began to get an understanding of modern warfare.

conspiracy is everywhere… there is no shelter here…
can you see the number 666 in the Blender’s logo?


when they want to discredit what someone says… they calls him


Actually here in Germany they call them Nazis… but that is an entirly different topic. So on with these amusing threads.

EDITED: Just to clarify this is ment ironically and is supposed to give my interpretation of the things said in this thread

I promise if I EVER wittness in real life a cop doing something like in those videos, I will hunt the bastard down and make sure he ends up in a hospital for weeks! I’ll make sure he can’t defend himself and beat the crap out of him with an iron bar, and tell him why I’m doing it.
Yes, I am a bit of a vigilanty, but it’s only because these"peace officers" are getting paid withj my money, your money, our money, to do what? Torture us? THey have an oath, if they violate it, I WILL make them pay.
Whatever happened to those A-Hole at Ahbu Grave and those torture camps? Did they get invited by the pres to have dinner and get awarded metals or something? Where are they now? I hope they’re in prison and get hte crap raped out of them.