Constant Curve Thickness possible? (Geometry/Bevel)

Hi guys, I’m looking for a solution to keep the thickness of my lines constant at all times, even if I scale the curve object. Do you know if it is even possible?

The only idea I had right now was to bind it to something (that stays static) through drivers, but I still try to find out how exactly that would be doable. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile:

Don’t scale the curve object but scale the curve data instead.

You can use shape keys or scale a hook : that should not scale radius of control points.

Or if you scale Curve Object, use a bevel object and use a driver to set its scale.


I didn’t fully get what you mean with the last point, I might just not be fluid enough in the driver expressions/setup but I tried to map it to all sorts of different things. Isn’t it possible to setup a driver to divide the number x through the object scale? I’m super bad at this but I’ll try a bit further.

Anyhow, that gave me a few pointers, the first two options work, but are not really fitting for what I want to do.

Thank you a lot for the ideas @zeauro. I know a bit more now, hehe

Yes. That is what I was saying about using driver.

By default, what is written in Drivers panel is just the variable var+1.0.
You can write 1/var , instead. Then, you just have to precise other object scale as variable.
You can set driver for one axis. Then, copy/paste driver for other axis and just adapt variable to use relevant axis.

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Thank you so much, I figured it out!
By dividing the Curves own diameter by 2, I got the radius, which then I divided further through the helper scale multiplied by Pi. I still guess it could be done simpler but it does exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much for helping me to get there!

In the image you can see three other curves that are copies of my main curve and all have different sizes but kept the same curve thickness.

Monoline Motion Graphic stuff in Blender, here I come! :slight_smile: