Constant display of custom transform axes?

When you use custom transform axes, the Transform tool gizmo conforms to the rotation of the axes.

I’d like for there to be a constant display of same, sort of a secondary “temporary world” axis display.

I tried add an Arrows Empty, but it didn’t conform to the rotation. (Plus, I’d prefer something a bit more beefy, even if I have to make a custom mesh.

(May be a duplicate post - my browser is acting up…if so, sorry.)

So your thinking on a object that will show you World orientation when you try to move in edit mode ?

More like a SECONDARY or OPTIONAL axes indicator to be used in Edit mode when you have changed the Transform axes to something other than global. -The transform GIZMO changes to reflect the choice of axes, but I’d like, as an accessory, a stand-alone indicator that doesn’t rely on the gizmo being engaged/visible.

Just a thought.

No. And can’t really be scripted (efficiently at least) until such time that Blender’s Python API actually provides a way to access current transform matrix, if ever. Global/local are trivial, but all others that are dependent on current selection aren’t :frowning: