Constant Link A Separate Object As A Shape Key


Is there a way to have a constant link of a separate object as a shape key?

Something like this

  1. Add Object B as a Shape Key to Object A.
  2. Ok
  3. Modify Object B
  4. Not Ok. the Object A is not modified.

I have to add Object B again as shape key for the effect to take place.
Is there a way to have that “constant link”?

You can also see an illustration of the problem here:

You could make A and B linked objects, and edit new shapekeys into B. They’ll reflect onto A.

You could bind A to B using a surface deform modifier, if you don’t plan on changing topology.

The question is, why? You could also just edit A’s shapekey directly.

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RE: You could make A and B linked objects,
I’m not sure I can go with this since I always want to link other objects such as Object C and Object D

RE: The question is, why?
It’s just easier to edit in separate objects, for me. And I feel safer doing that.
That’s also my workflow in other DCC.

It’s a common workflow in Maya notably, but for reasons mostly specific to Maya. You can’t do it exactly in Blender, although I see the use cases, of course. The closest you can get is with surface deform or mesh deform, as far as I know.

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Yea, I use it heavily on Maya.
Thanks for the confirmation. I guess I’ll just have to make do on what is available.