Constant or flat shader

I’m looking for a way to make a constant shader, where the result would be a surface that doesn’t react to light at all. I don’t want to use emission because it will emit light. I also need to be able to add a texture to it. The idea is to create a plane that will be reflected in water. For Maya users, a surface shader. In Arnold, aiFlat.

Emission shader + Light Path Node to control rays visibility. Or in Object tab in Cycles settings uncheck unwanted rays

As I mentioned, I don’t want to use an emission shader as it will emit light. If I uncheck stuff in Cycles, it will affect every objects in the scene and I don’t want that either.

Try this, might work for you:


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Yep! That did it. I get my flat shader but no emission, even if it’s an emission shader. Thanks guys. I didn’t know about light path.

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Great! You’re welcome.

Light path trickery can be of great help in many such situations. Here’s some more info, if you’re interested.

This stuff is on per object basis.

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