constant particle system crash

I have 12 g ram intel-i7-4770 3.4ghz Name, Value NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650. I have been using blender for a few weeks now and have had no problems til recently. Im assuming I have a virus eating up memory or something I seem to be using 30-40% of my ram at idle. I think it may be a bitcoin miner. This is purely speculation though on my part. anyways any time I run a render of a scene even with the simplest of particales in blender render with cpu or gpu it crashes immediately usually sayin cuda error run out of memory or some gobbldeegook. I have hit the open gl button (little camera in the bottom right) don’t know what that does but if I hit f12 after it seems to render it properly I think. im really noob and appreciate your help. first week I got it I was animating particles no problem. now I feel very restricted.:confused: