Constantly Getting Logged Out


I log onto BA, spend 5 minutes or so typing a reply, and by the time I hit the Post button, I have to copy my message, reload the page and log on again because the session already timed out. I know that this is there to prevent other people from gaining access if on a public computer or something, but isn’t that only supposed to happen during inactivity? And it doesn’t take long for it to happen. I mean, I’ll probably have to log back in again just after typing this little post [EDIT: yup]. That’s a bit silly if you ask me.

This is my first time back on BA after a long while and the first thing I noticed was this:

Basics and Interface
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Questions and answers regarding the Blender basics and it’s interface

Am I seriously the ONLY one who instantly sees the typo?

I’m not trying to troll or anything, it’s just kind of silly that thousands of people look at it every day and it is still there.

I had the same issue too. There is a checkbox where you sign in that lets you stay logged in. I wish it was kinda set up like another forum where you pick your login time( 30 min, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, forever).

If you don’t want your login to time-out then enable the Remember Me check box when you log in.

As for this:

Good catch! Fixed. :slight_smile: