Constrain camera to view without a numpad

I want to constrain my camera to view. I know it’s ctrl+alt+numpad 0…but I don’t have a numpad. I can’t seem to find another way to do it.

If I want a rendered top, side, front, rear view, do I really need to set up separate cameras for each view?

View -> Align View -> Align Active Camera to View

you can also change the shortcuts for those number pad keys in the Keymap settings

That’s a big help. Something else is happening though. If I move in and frame my shot, and Align Active Camera to View, when I chose to render, the camera moves far away. I move the camera in closer and when I render, it’s far away again. I’d ultimately like to frame my render in the viewport and render that exact view.

I’m a noob so I must be missing a checkbox somewhere.

Sounds like you have set a keyframe for the camera position.