constrain movement


I’ve got the following situation:
I got a dynamic object(2) which is pulled by another dynamic object(1). the pulling object(1) is pulling towards X and Y and Z (depends on what it is doing). Now I want to constrain the object(2) being pulled to be only able to go into the x and z direction. Or even better… I want to constrain the movement only to the direction it is facing. Let’s say it is facing directly to X and I rotate 45° towards Y it should be going 45° between X and Y. Is this possible?

Thanks for help!

Not following you exactly but it sounds like the constraint act is what you need. I am using 2.49


ok thanks, I didn’t see that :slight_smile:

ok, I got another similar question:

how can I make a child object just to copy the location but not the rotation of its parent?

And do alpha textures not work in glsl mode?