Constrain to edge and snap to vertex

Hi guys,

After 20 years working in 3dsmax I’ve decided to start using Blender.
Now I have a small problem with “constrain to edge” tool in the blender.
I would like to move an edge constrain to another edge and snap to vertex in a different object at the same time.
Hope you know what I mean :slight_smile:

Is it possible to do this like in 3ds max?

Blender: I use GG shortcut but I can’t snap to the vertex at the same time :frowning:


Press ‘g’ twice to slide along edges, this goes for verts as well, press ‘e’ to move a group of edges and make them even to a surface, though snapping to that height like in max does not appear to be possible.

This is blender mega fail bro )
No progress in that way ((

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