Constrain to Mesh

Blender can’t constrain to a mesh?! What the heck?! :mad:

I’m actually sitting here stunend that Blender cant constrain an objects Z position to a mesh. The reason I’m so surprised is, I’ve been able to do it in Calgari TrueSpace for about… 5 years. It seems like such a simple function, yet Blender just totally misses it.

Here’s a list of things you CANT do with Blender and constraining to meshes:

  1. You can’t roll a car up a hill.
  2. You can’t roll a ball across a bumpy surface.
  3. You can’t bob a boat up and down on a wave.
  4. You can’t get characters to walk across meshed, or tilted objects.

I think they should impliment this. Anyone else come across this problem?
Maybe I’m missing a really simple solution?

No collision detection? Yes, you are right, you can’t do it in the 3D-Window.

No collison detection at all? No, you are wrong, Blender can do it.

But if you would like to know how do stop an object from falling through a mesh without learning all the stuff above, you will get my own personal advice :slight_smile:

Take a path and a follow path constraint. Since you will probably use them anyway this is your simple solution.

P.S.: I would really like to have some sort of snap to vertices function for modelling and for aligning of objects. An often requested feature it is!

I can’t have collision detection on a camera that’s locked to a path can I? The system is so in-versatile when it comes to building actual animation. It’s more of a modeling program really.

Err…, normally it would be considered rude to come to a technical forum and rant about features of a program what it has and what not. Especially if you would like (i.e. if you are really interested) to know how other people cope with it.

Because you are saying that one has to be pretty stupid to use Blender for animation…

But I’m not so good in english, and it may be just my misunderstanding.