Constrain to normal

When you extrude faces, it extrudes then selects the newly exruded faces and enters GRAB mode, constrained either to the faces’ combined normals or their individual normals (your choice). It doesn’t constrain at all for extruded edges or points.

My question is:

Is it possible in GRAB mode to constrain to the combined normal or individual normals of the selected points, edges, faces?

If I understand your probelem well, it could be done by the widgets. you can find those in the toolbar of the 3D window. You can set the axis to use, and the normal can be used too.

Hit N, Local, then value on an axis. Or Alt-S to scale along individual face normals.


I’m not quite sure how the local coordinates behave, but if you open up the “Transform Properties” with NKEY and then activate the Move Widget with Normal Orientation, you’ll see that the Median X, Median Y, and Median Z are not lined up to the normal of the selection. (When you move the selection along the normal, more than one AXIS changes)

ALT+S for shrink/fatten does move along the normal of individual faces, but it also performs a scale as it does so.

Just like Loy said, using the widget is pretty easy. Set it to “Normal” mode, and just drag the particular axis you want to move along when you have your selection. I actually use this method a lot.

I think we are not understanding you completely. If you set the widget constraint to normal – the list selector beside the hand icon – you can move faces/edges/verts in the normal direction of the entire selection. There is no way that I know of to move each individual face in a selection in its normal direction (as when you are given the choice when extruding) using grab or the widgets.


Thanks for the replies. It will work to use the Transform Widget in Normal Mode, moving one face at a time.

Happy blending!