Constrain to X-Y plane?

Is there some way to constrain SKEY operations to a plane rather than an axis? I know the MMB followed by XKEY,YKEY,ZKEY can constrain you to an axis, but I can’t find anything to restrict to a plane.

If there isn’t currenly a way, how about making Ctrl-{XKEY,YKEY,ZKEY} trigger constraint to planes?



but it is a good idea

and it has been suggested before

And the suggestion has be accepted before.

It’s merely a matter of time.


Oh, and I guess you’d want something for constraining to the current view-plane too. Ctrl-V maybe?

This seems like it might be a good project for a newbie like me to get his feet wet on. Seems like it shouldn’t be that hard to do (famous last words). If I could just find the code that does the current constrain-to-axis… (I haven’t had much luck finding stuff in the code so far. I must have searched for like an hour for where the darned button ui code is, and I still haven’t found it. %|)

Look for “void transform(int mode)” in editobject.c


Great. That file isn’t too scary. I’ll see what I can do.