Constrain vertecies for joined meshes in cloth simulation

I wanted to animate a flag with a cloth simulation, here is what I did:

  • I modeled a flag
  • I modeled the loops
  • then I joined the two meshes to one object.
  • I added a collision modifier to the post
  • I added a cloth modifier to the flag object (which consists of two joined meshes)

When I run the simulation, the loops are hanging from the post as supposed but the flag part keeps falling.

How do I constrain the flag part to the loops? I already set up the required vertex groups but I don’t know how to connect them.

I uploaded a simplified version to make my problem more clear.
clothWithJoinedMeshes.blend (760.5 KB)

You need to add a PIN Group…select the vertices you want the flag to stay at and add a vertex group…call it Pin…then in the cloth sim…Under Shape, you can add the Pin group…

Yes, but now the vertices don’t move at all. I wanted them to follow the movement of the loops as they are dangling from that post.

Hi @foobuntu,

If you use the mesh bridge tool to create a join from the flag to the loops, then delete the FACES ONLY, you will be left with the edges connected:

switch on the sewing tool in the cloth rollout:

and the flag will hang from the loops :))

here’s your blend file with this in place:

clothWithJoinedMeshes_fixed.blend (778.8 KB)