Constraining movement to a surface?

Hello everyone. I’m not sure I’ve posted in the right forum, but here goes.

I’ve made a Sonic the Hedgehog model, and I’m having difficulty figuring out how to constrain the movement of his pupils onto his eyes. What I want to happen is that, no matter where I move the pupil, it will rotate to face the origin of the eyeball mesh, and wont be able to be moved past the eyeball mesh.

If an illustration or image is required, please just let me know!

could u post the .blend file, it’s probably a simple solution but i’d need to see the file (sonic has really unusual eyeballs)

u may also want to look into using limit distance contraints as well

No problem. It’s a sendspace link:

While I’m at it, I also would like to know how to control the movement of both eyes with one control box. Someone once described it to me as a “look at” function but…they never really explained it well. And their explanation was in the context of 3dsmax

right now my internet speed stupidly slow but i’ll post a youtube video and alink on how you’d get an eyetracker working and i’m looking into a few ways u could rig up sonic’s eye right now, i’ll try to send some demo rigs for his eye’s as soon as i can

I appreciate that greatly! Thank you!

heres a link to my vid for general eye tracking, the other video for sonic’s eyes is still processing.

make sure its titled eye tracking. i’ll post a link to the second video later tonight and i’ll be posting the blend file at that time too

heres the video on doing sonic’s actual eyes, i’ve also put a blend up so you can actually see what it was i did. i’d spend more time with it but i’ve got college courses right now so this should give a good foot hold on how to rig up sonic’s eyes. one thing i didn’t mention in my youtube vid was limit rotation contraints


sonic.blend (474 KB)

Thanks again Snowcovered!

your welcome, if you run into any problems along the way just let me know n’ i’ll do a video and post a blend with fixes n stuff