Constraining movement

I have a problem with the game engine. When I make a car move forward and it hits a ramp it does not land again if I hold down forward it just keeps flying crazily. Also are there any current ttorials for making in game characters that walk? Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Can any1 answer???

Moderators need to lock threads and put on probation users that do this “You didn’t respond in 2 minutes so I’m going to post again because THAT will get people to respond” crap. You posted, just FREAKING WAIT for a response, this isn’t a chatroom, it’s a forum, sometimes responses take awhile.

As to your problem, you’re going to either have to post a blend file or give us quite a bit more details, there really isn’t enough information.

study physics

you cant use linear Velocity use DLoc or Force