Constraining Movement

Hey all,
I have a simple cube which is acting as my character for now. Since it is a 3d sidescroller, I need the cube to only be able to travel on the x axis.
This is done with constraints, i know that much. However, I tried fiddling with some of the constraint options and I couldn’t get anything that kept my cube on the x axis.
How would i go about doing this.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

In the motion actuators only fill in the X axis values…?

I have my object so it only moves on the x axis. However, if it still bumps into an object, it gets pushed off to the side. What i really need is so that it will no get “bumped” or stray off.
I guess i need to put the constraints on the Y axis, If i want him to only be able to move sideways along the x axis.

What constraint would i use for that?

Use Servo Motion, that way it wont bounce back.
Also, in the Physics tab there is Lock Rotation X() Y() Z() and Lock Translation X() Y() Z().

Here’s a Servo Motion example, if you click the Y it will move on the Y axis when it touches the slant. But the ay it is now, it can’t go in the Y direction.

Download Example [PasteAll]

right on. Thats exactly what i needed. thanks :slight_smile: