Constraining to edges or faces

How can I constrain a selection of vertices to an edge or face?


That makes no sense, could you rephrase it please?


Perhaps moving a single vert along en edge makes more sense.
In 3D max there is a feature that allows you to constrain to edge/face

This means that you can basically slide the verts up and down an edge without the edge moving.

g, x will move the vert along its x axis

What will move the vert along the edge?

Hope that makes a bit more sense :slight_smile:

For Verts use the Widget and set it to Normal. For Edges Ctrl-E >> Edge Slide.


Thanks for that, the edge slide works great but im still a little unsure of what you said about sliding verts, could you elaborate?

I’ve just this second discovered the proportional falloff button which seems similar to Max’s soft selection (Which is very handy for facial animation). How can I adjust the strength/falloff of it?

And is there an option to limit the number of edges the falloff affects?


The widget is that red, green blue arrow thingy in the 3d viewport. If you dont have it, press ctrl+space and select enable/disable. Then press alt+space and select normal. Use the widget to move the vertices with movement constrained to the face. The vertex must not be at the edge of a face.

O is used to enter and exit proportional falloff.

Shift+O to switch between different falloff modes

You can adjust the strength when moving, scaling or rotating with the mouse wheel.

Here’s a trick to move one vertex on an edge

Vertex slide on Edge
Select edge W Key subdivide in 2
Select corner -
Shift-S Cursor Selection / Bring the cursor on the corner
Select Vertex to move
Pivot - Cursor
Scale SKey
This should make the vertex move along the edge

But i never tried it with more than one vertex !