Constraining wood procedural a.k.a. Procedural wood/laminate flooring

Hi all,

First off,
Abrogaticus = blender N00b! <edit: such a n00b that I spelled blender: bender lol>

I’m trying to create a nice procedural texture to mimic the laminate flooring I just had installed in my home.

I started with a DistortedNoise texture with noise type of CellNoise to produce ‘panels’ of varying color.

Next I added a clouds texture to act as a warp map for any following textures.

Then I added a wood texture with ring noise to produce the grain.

It looks like this…

Not bad for a N00b … but … not great either.

Does anyone know…

A) Is there a way to force the grain texture to distort on each panel? Essentially I want to apply the grain texture to each panel of the floor with some random offsetting to make the grain unique to each panel like it looks in my actual laminate flooring. In my current texture you can see lines of the grain running uninterrupted across panels. That isn’t very convincing. Can I copy the CellNoise texture and use it as a warp texture? <scratches head>

I’m guessing the answer is it won’t create the affect I want. I guess I’ll try it when I get a chance.

Perhaps I need to subsurf the plane and apply the material to each face and mess with the Map Input of each face to avoid a repeating grain across the entire floor? Will that even work? <scratches head more>

B) Is there a way to force the horizontal edges of the CellNoise to offset so they don’t all line up, so it looks less like a checkerboard and more like a real floor? <scratches head with both hands>

Thanks for any tips or URLs to resources where someone has already answered my questions. I couldn’t find any but that doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.


I believe a build Wizard’s tiles texture can help with the horizontal part of the floor.

As for the grain, you might want to make several materials and put them together in the node editor.

Thanks for the input Cyborg.

Wizard’s tiles texture is not in the official build? I think I found the site that hosts Wizard’s latest build (oct-15-07).

I guess I’ll have to read up on the node editor as well to see what tricks I can use to combine several materials for the grain.

Thanks again!