Constraint Actuator problem

I’ve searched the forum reading threads for a couple hours now, and I gather that the Constraint Actuator is supposed to work, so I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone tell me?

It seems that I can constrain the Z axis ok, but if I switch to either x or y, the object doesn’t move at all, regardless of the min/max values, or damping. I even created a scratch file to see if I could duplicate the problem, which I could. Here it is as a zip:

Controls are left, right, down, & up arrows, and space bar. I’m using WinXP and 2.42a

I’ll check back tomorrow

EditIt looks like the only way I can use one of the other Constraints is if I change all of the movements to Force and\or Torque. Even then, that only seems to give me access to using only one of the other constraints. It seems that the last Constraint processed is the one that fires. I remembered reading a post somewhere that each constraint should be placed on it’s own Always sensor, with each one firing a different pulse. I tired that, too, and it didn’t work either. In addition, I searched the tutorials, and found an example of an actuator constraint that seemed to work, but for Sumo. I tried switching to Bullet, and it promptly stopped working.

Any ideas out there in Blender Land? I’ll check back tomorrow,