Constraint and path problem

Hi all, I’m having trouble making a camera follow a path and rotate with the path while at the same time track to an object so that the camera is always pointing at the object. I have played around with the xyz values but I can only make it do one or the other, that is I can only make it follow the path and track to the constraint without rotating along the path - or - follow and rotate along the path but not track to the constraint. Is it possible to do both?

The ‘track to’ constraint controls the rotation of the camera. You cannot rotate the camera even manually when you have a ‘track to’ constraint on.

Instead you can try actually rigging the camera and having the bone follow the path and have an IK solver constraint to the object it is looking at. Then the camera will follow the rotation of the curve and you will be able to animate the rotation manually to your liking, I set up a quick example.


Path_IK.blend (138 KB)

Thank you. Thats got it.