Constraint Collections?

I have a scene with several dozen constraints spread across almost as many objects. It is not all that handy, having to find a specific object every time I need to adjust the Influence slider on a constraint.

Is there a way to collect the constraints of multiple objects in one collected ‘menu’, as if they were all constraints on a single object??

It could probably be done in python. Python can read / change constraint settings and you can create gui’s in python e.g. run the standard “Kloputils” from a Scripts window (Wizards) for an example. Possibly something like that has already been written. … but I’m not aware of it :wink:

There is nothing “built in” in the Blender interface to do it.

Do you keep an Outliner window open? That might help a bit. You can also organize objects in Groups (CTR-G), then in the Outliner use View Groups.