constraint/modifier for group

Hi! I’ve got big problem- I’m doin’ animation with lots of objects & wanna to add constraint/modifier for group of selected objects. I’m tryin’ but it looks that Blender can’t do it. Is there any plugin/script that makes such trick possible? Optionally, how to copy modifiers (from one obj. to another one)?

Use Ctrl-C in object mode to copy all kinds of data (constraints, modifiers, etc) from the active (last Shift-selected) object to the selected objects.

EDIT: Seems there’s a bug when copying Object Constraints. The constraints do get copied, but don’t seem to affect the objects to which they’ve been copied unless you tweak the Influence in the constraint panel. Can anyone else confirm this (2.41, XP), or is it supposed to work this way? I’m checking out the other copied attributes.

EDIT: Happens to CopyRot, TrackTo, and Stretch constraints. Submitted to bugtracker, ID# 4046.

Thx a lot!