constraint not working properly

Hi, I’m having some errors building a rig (attached file)

the selected bone when the file is opened (cuello) has no rotation at all, but when I make a copy rotation constraint and change its influence to a number different than 1 I get some weird rotation, at this moment the rotation has .3 influence. I made a simpler set up for a copy rotation constraint and this doesn’t happen.

the target bone for the constraint is the one behind cuello, controlCabeza

someone knows what am I doing wrong?



question.blend (403 KB)

Just took a quick glance at your file. Try setting the constraint owner space to local. You have target set to local and owner set to world.


thank you very much, it was indeed, I’ve had a lot of related problems with this rig because I haven’t figured it out how works all the spaces thing.

do you know where can I get good information on the subject?

thanks again