Constraint of armature: behaves badly.

I imported a makehuman character with rigging using the tutorial ( )

I was fascinated by the armature’s bone at the clavicle. I wanted it to:
i) be part of an Auto-IK system, so it might be influenced a little bit if I were to grab the wrist and say have it reach for the sky.
ii) have one end that completely stayed put.
iii) have limited rotation (my clavicle at least is quite limited).

When I would set up a Limit Rotation constraint on the clavicle, and then test it by moving the wrist to an unnatural position, a crazy thing would happen: the bone probably didn’t rotate much, but it TRANSLATED to a faraway place, say down to the hip. I could not for the life of me figure out a way to get it to stay put.

please help. thanks.

Okay after some more experimentation, I found:
i) I had to click on the Minx, Maxx, etc., icons in order for them to take effect.
ii) What I wanted as far as the base of the bone not moving was to be accomplished via:
Limit Location, with all the Minx and Maxx icons checked, and the constraint space being local space.