Constraint on a polygon

Is it possible to constraint an object on a polygon and that it’s orientation would change according to the polygon’s normal?

For example, I have a hat I need to put on a character’s head. The character is an alembic sequence so there are no bones to constrain it with. So I’d like to pick a face from the top of the head and constrain the hat to that face.

Or if you had a tranquilizer dart on an animal skin. The dart would need to move according to the skin movements

This made me think of this:

Vertex parenting. Select your character, enter edit, select three and only three vertices whose orientation you’d like to copy. In object mode, select hat, shift select character, ctrl-p->vertex(triangle).

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Thanks but that wouldn’t work in may case as ism not parenting to an object but to a single polygon.

Great! Thanks!

Actually at 1:52, its parented to a vertex group but when I saw @bandages solution its more appropriate, I think.

Your welcome though, and good luck.

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