Constraints and drivers that read Active Camera

So - I can use markers to cut between multiple cameras allowing me to edit within one scene,

But is there a way I get constraints or drivers to read what is the active camera?

I would like to have objects that automatically turn to face the active camera, and objects that are only visible if a certian camera is active (scale to 0 if not)

I’m not seeing a way to do this directly via drivers.

This is possible with some python, but you’ll need to mount it as a hander so that it is executed every frame.

I… think that might be a bit beyond me. I’m sure I should be fluent in python by now, but right now I should be putting that energy into learning mesh nodes…

So I couldn’t have an empty that jumped to the active camera position using python drivers?

Ooh, it looks like I gave up a bit too soon:

bound camera driver.blend (711.8 KB)

This is a little glitchy if the cameras aren’t moving, but it’s a start. check it out!

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Niiiiiiiiiiice!!! I’ll do some experimenting!

Wow this is really cool, and it works for still cameras for me as well!

Do you know where I can find a list of all the things I can stick in that “Path” box?

The best way I know is to open up the python console, type in “C.scene.” then click the autocomplete button:

then it will show you everything you can select:

You can then type in more and press autocomplete again, and it will show you further options:

The rabbit hole goes on from there, have fun!

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nice… wow… I can get name, and rotation, and all sorts there!

I want to use this for a semi-3D project with a lot of greenscreen cardboard cutouts and this means I can have everything automatically face whichever camera is active, and have some objects only visible for certian cameras. It means I can edit in scene, which is much better for the fast cutting style I want to go for.

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