Constraints bug? They don't work on linked objects?

Hi guys, just noticed that if I link items into a group and add constraints to any of them, the constraints break when the group is linked into another file? Is that supposed to happen, is there a workaround?

Cheers guys!

AHHH! THAT’S what it is!!!

The (linked) penguin character in my 2d game kept on “falling off” the plane they were on despite having a constraint actuator and using the new 2.49 physics constraints. I was going nuts trying to figure out why…

There seems to be many small things that function differently with objects linked in eg:

  • Orientation (and sometimes location) seems to be put back to what it is in the original file, even if you make it a proxy and save after rotating.
  • Cameras in groups linked in can’t be selected to view except with python or an actuator. Appended in they work fine.
  • Referencing linked objects via actuators seems to have occasional strange issues.
  • As you put it, constraints on linked objects seem to have issues.

More to come, I’m sure! It’s just a shame, as linking (especially groups) is So. Dang. Useful. Anyway, won’t complain more until I’ve filed another bug report or two.

Thanks for the discovery!

I’m trying to link a ragdoll using constraints to another file also, and the constraints isn’t working on the instance, the ragdoll just falls to peices, sucks that it isn’t working- like Blendiac said, linking is such a useful feature.

God bless!

well that’s why there’s appending;).

Yes, unfortunately I came on this lack too I while ago, I had to resolve the constraint thing by manually setting all the constraints in python ( whole ragdolls ffs -.-" )

In fact I already proposed to make real asset linking ( what?! someone said Unity?! x) ), nothing official though, it would be really nice, since in bigger projects you want to act on objects as a whole, so if you have a group of smaller objects you want to work on them like you would do with a bigger object but still being able to modify the little pieces; while level designing having to work on every piece separately ( or not working at all, or maybe only with python, like the constraints ) is just not feasible…

So, what you devs think about this? Is this going to happen?

Pleeeeeeease :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: It would be a small ( ? ) but very very important feature, it will make the workflow a lot more intuitive, like in most engines when you make a mesh with a modeling package and then import it in the world editor ( in this case you will just import in another .blend, making light on the great integration of Blender ); also it will make possible for the community to help in a easier way other users by making libraries of objects, scripts etc. Think seriously about it please D:

( it would also go along very well with the logic system update btw, featuring groups of object together with groups of logic :smiley: )

Yeah PadrePioX, it would be nice if the Devs could do that(guess it’s easier said than done though?).
Take care n God Bless!

I would have sent a PM to PadrePioX but his last activity was in march. Anyway how would u access the constraints through python? I found documentation about the 6Dof and point to point, but i’m looking for a ball constraint. I’m tyring to link in a rig and when i add the group it in it wont work . I just want to put a name in though script like u would for and add obj actuator. (.object)