Constraints Help?

hi all,

I’ve modeled a plane model which I’ve rigged up using constraints. I’ve managed to get them all to work except the one for the rudder.

I’ve hidden most of the controls on the aircraft because an animator needn’t see them, however the setup is quite simple. I’ll use the flaps here as an example of what I’ve done (but the general method applies for all the other parts). There’s the flap MESH which is parented to a (hidden) empty. This hidden empty has a TRANSFORMATION constraint that links up with the ‘Flaps’ control on the control panel. I tell the transformation constraint panel (in the flaps case) to move the rotation of the X axis of the empty between negative 80° and 0° with the control being set to negative 1.0000 and 0.0000 (on the Z axis).

With the above in mind, I’ve also tried to setup the rudder. Here’s the current setup:

  • MESH of rudder has no constraints but is parented to empty.
  • EMPTY of rudder has a TRANSFORMATION constraint.
  • Target: Learjet Control Rudder
  • Source: -0.4 to +0.4 on X axis.
  • Source to Destination: X = Z
  • Destination: ROTATION -60° to +60°
  • Local Space
  • Empty has a ‘Limit Rotation’ in the Blend file. This is a temporary measure and should be removed.
  • CONTROLLER has a basic ‘Limit Location’ constraint.
  • Minimum: -0.4 to Maximum: +0.4 (local space)

When the rudder’s empty is NOT parented to anything, it works exactly as intended. I can move the rudder controller and it rotates on the local axis. However, whenever I parent it to something, it stops using the local axis and starts using the global. As far as I can tell, it seems to be the only one that does this and I can’t figure out why.

If you have any ideas or manage to suss it out, please let me know!

Kurtis -