Constraints in Game Engine

Is it possible to use constraints in the game engine?
I need the track to constraint to control a damper but it doesn’t work.

Thanks, Josi

The only constrait you can use is the TrackTo constraint accessed from the EditObject actuator. The object tracks to the target object with its +Y axis and its +Z axis pointing up. The “Time” value controls the speed of the tracking (instant or delayed).

That works, but only if the objects aren’t parented. After parenting the tracking doesn’t perform how it should.

If you use the Bullet Bullet physics - you can use ‘nail’ constraints (download some of the Bullet demos)

if anyone can show me how to make a hinge constraint I would be very grateful

Hmm, don’t think that I need physics, because there is no collision. I only need tracking of grouped objects for a damper.
Can’t imagine that this is impossible.