Constraints not working properly


I have tried using constraints to control a cube, but it’s not working properly.

I added the .blend with the cube.
If you try it out you’ll see that if you press the w and s button and the a and d button in turn it works just fine, but if you press the different buttons randomly and perhaps 2 or 3 together it just ignores the constraints and rotates 360 degrees.

Did I set the constraints wrong or?
I don’t know what goes wrong.

I hope that the problem is clear and that someone can help.
With either a solution to this or a different way to achieve what I need.

Thanks in advance,



controls.blend (244 KB)

It’s a silly Limitation of the current BGE but most if not even all the Constraints do not work in the BGE. Instead, though, Bone Constraints do work in the BGE as well, so you might fix your Problem if you use a Bone with Bone Constraints that your Cube is parented to.