Constraints question

I’ve read somewhere that constraints could be copied from one bone to another… I needed this feature so, this is what I did:

1 Select bone in pose mode
2. CTRL - C
3. copy constraints

so far so good… and now…

How to paste darn thing to another bone? (Ctrl - V dosen’t work)

Other thing:

I’ve (somehow) mastered linking shape keys to bone movement

Now: I have this movement of several bones that I wuld like to be able to control (yeah, action constraint, you say!. I agree), Action constraint controls the action with bone rotation - I would like to be able to do that with bone translation (like in ipo controls facial rig thingy that I’m trying to develop)

Any thoughts? or links to tutorials?

Thanks in advance!

Firstly, I think you might be going about this the wrong way.

  1. Select all bone(s) you wish to copy the constraints to, from a particular bone
  2. Now, select the bone you wish to copy constraints from
  3. Ctrl C --> Constraints (All)

Secondly, action constraints do not currently have the ability to use translations/rotations as input.


THANKS! too bad about the action constraint, but I guess it could be emulated with target constraints (will have to investigate and experiment further)

Hi !
Good info : I had the same problem.
Is it possible to copy contraints of bones from an armature to bones of an other armature ?

This is currently not possible in Blender. However, it would be easy to rig up a script to do so.


Thanks Aligorith.
I’m not able to write scripts, but I was just curious. Being able to copy constraints inside the same armature is more useful, anyway. If the constraints are not too numerous, we can set them by hand.
This said, I have tried to use the Link Armature data feature… and I can’t understand what it is supposed to do…

Hey! I just found this thread and it saved me SOOOO much time, especially with hand bones. Action constraint does now take Rotation from a driver, either the X Y or Z, and copies GREAT!!! Thank you Aligorith!!! :):):slight_smile:

Holy crap… this has saved me so much headache THANKYOU. I used this trick on a scale constraint. I had nearly a hundred faces parented to a null object that needed to scale up and scale down, to give the illusion the faces were all moving into a sphere. Instead of adding a hundred constraints, I added a scale constraint to ONE object, boundary selected them all, selected the object with the constrain (so it’s brighter pink) then hit CTRL-C and VOILA! They all had the same constrain info. SWEET!

Thanks to Aligorith goes also from me. Two days ago I was just feeling stupid not to be able to copy constraint as well :slight_smile: