Constraints - time line.

Okay, I got 2 questions here (for now) so if you could answer them and tell me where to get answers in the future that would be great.
1: What is a constraint? Would i be able to attach a (sphere) to a object such as skin so when the bones move the (sphere) follows in his hand to make it look like hes holding it?
2: What about the time line? Where would i go to edit the time line. I move a bones to a certain frame and then let’s say i wanna make all those bones move slower to a certain point. How might i edit that so it can be faster and slow. (I know that i can do it 1 by 1 but that would take along time to edit ever bone)

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Have a look at the following. Also, as an introduction, have a look at the BSOD documentation.

Start here



Time Line

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Alright thanks but i still need help on question 1. I’m not certain that i need a constraint and it may be called something else so if anyone else could tell me what i need to use i’d be grateful.

Take a look at this thread - found by searching the animation forum for hand grab.

It looks as if constraints are indeed what you would use. The influence of a constraint can be modified over time, so a character can appear to be picking a ball up, and putting it down.

Say a character picks up a sphere from point a and moves it to point b. Add an empty at both points a and b. Add three Copy Location Constraints to the sphere, one Targets EmptyA, the second EmptyB and the third Armature:WristBone.R. Frames 1 thru 20 the Inf(luence) IPO of Constraint EmptyA is Keyframed to 1.00 and the other two to zero. Frames 21 thru 40 the Inf of WristBone.R is set to 1.00 and the other two to zero. Frames 41 to last EmptyB is 1.00 and the others zero.


Thanks i figured out what i needed to know from looking at someones test animation of picking up a bar (stick). But i can guarantee I’ll be back with more questions later (that is if i can’t figure it out and get really mad :D)

-Edit- It was one of your animations Fligh.