Constraints to keyframes

Hi there,
I have a little problem: I’ve build a model of a mechanic part which have several hyddraulic cylinders, whose rotations are calculated by constraint, both using “TrackTo”. I want to import this model into Unity, but it seems that it does not know how to handle those constraint, and I can understand that. So, how can I do to convert my cylinders constrained rotations to keyframes?
So far, I’ve tried to “Bake action” & “Insert keyframes” every frames, but it seems that the constraint does not modify the object rotation attributes, so when I play the animation without “TrackTo”, nothing happens.

How can I do?

Thank you


I think there are issues with Track To’s in Unity, but I have never used it. If you can use armatures, there are a host of ways you can do this easily with a Stretch To or IK constraints.

There’s a host of options in this file, just chose one that works for you.:wink:

cylinder-problem-ver3.blend (1.84 MB)

Cheers, Clock.