Constraints with F-Curve animation

Dear Blender community,

With the camera, is there any way I can track to an object and at the same time apply a F-Curve modifier (Let’s say the Sine function) so that, during the animation, it will track to the object but also have the effects of the modifier?

trackingSineFCurve.blend (459 KB)

I have tried the Dampened Track To constraint, but it’s not the result I want. I need the full modifier effect, and the full constraint effect. Thank you, yet once again!

Sincerely, KetoBlend

I would track the camera to an empty/other object, animate that empty/other object around a curve or bezier circle parented to the track object, that way the camera follows the empty during its animation. This animation will keep attached to the object if it is parent to it.

This is my first guess, others may have there methods to try.

Here is an example of an object moving around another that follows a path - you will see a distorted sphere rotating around the first of the roller coaster cars - you could track the camera to that rather than car-3 as I have done. This sphere is also spinning so you may get a weird effect! Have a play and see how you get on.

roller-coaster.blend (1.11 MB)

Cheers, Clock

This isn’t quite what I’m looking for, sorry. The .blend file that I have attached goes into detail a little more.

You could try using the modifier on a NLA strip.
That way you can mix the two I think.

Why not just use two bones, one to track the object and the other to animate the camera? The camera would be parented to the second, and the second would be parented to the first. I can’t remember if you would want the first bone to track the object or the whole armature in object mode.

I played with this a little bit. I parented an empty to the camera. i then added a sine wave to the correct axis in the graph editor. Alt C the graph editor. Bake action visual keyframes. push down to nla stack. Turn off NLA action. Animated cube. Added track to constraint to empty with appropriated settings. Baked action visual again. push down to nla. pushed down cube animation. On the empty, I added a monkey for reference and played with the nla combination. Decided add looked good although I think this is a very hard way to achieve your goal. It is doable, but probably will not give you the results you want.trackingSineFCurve-2.blend (542 KB)