Constructing an Island

Hi. For some reason I found myself making another city thing in Blender some weeks ago (this thread is where it all started). This time I tried to add a lot of details:; I spent most of the time on that. Yesterday I mapped and textured the whole thing. I am very satisfied with the result.
Rendering time: 24 minutes (while surfing at the same time)
Memory used: 163 megabytes
Verticles: 89K

Please comment. Is this scene already ready?

The scene is looking very nice, perhaps you could add signs of life and a bit of wear and tear. One or two small boats or a buoy in the water and some sea birds would really add to it. Generally, it’s a great composition I really like how it’s coming along.

Thanks for comments. I modelled quickly a buoy and a boat.
I also made a rope between the bouy and the boat, but I haven’t rendered the scene with it yet. I’ll try making some birds on rocks tomorrow.

EDIT: Updated image.

hey this is really interesting.

generally the details look pretty good except the columns supporting the red roofed structure seem much to thick and/or spaced too close together.

I fixed those columns and modelled a sea gull. Not too detailed but it’ll be like ten pixels large in the final render.

Today I started modelling a room with a cool window thing in the roof. The room is inside the massive block of land.
(Yes, I know that in a real picture the sky would be very bright, but this is just a test render)

I have a problem with the lightning. I’d like to have one area light pointing downwards illuminating everything but the roof, and another pointing upwards and illuminating only the roof. I tried to place to roof and the 2nd light on their own layer and applying ‘layer’ button in the light settings, but it didn’t work. Here’s an image where you can see the problem.
How can I fix this?

wow, will this be in a walkthrough or a game or somtin?

I’ve been planning to do something realtime game-engine thing with this scene. I don’t know any python yet but I’ll study it. I’ve done a lot of 2D game programming before. When I have finished this scene I’ll propably make a simple stand alone where you can control the camera (walkthrough) using the inbuilt logic blocks.

Wow this looks as if could be a very awesome walkthrough. If I didn’t have dial-up I would probably try it when you are finished. Can’t wait to see the final render!!!

Here’s a better render of the room. I think that this one came out really good.

Added some wooden beams in the roof (I’m not too satisfied with them) and two pictures on the wall. I also re-rendered the whole scene from the main camera. Enjoy.

The posts in the middle of the window don’t look too bad. They give it a feeling of strength. And the outside of the island looks awesome! Even the seagulls look cool!! Can’t wait to see the final product!

Re: the “roof window” render - are you planning to do something about … “volumetrics” in your realtime-walktrough version?

… like some really smart way of doing it, glsl etc…?

just curious.

With my current skills, there won’t be volumetrics in the realtime version. As I said before, I can’t code python yet. But I think that I’m a pretty quick learner, so we’ll see. I made a quick test where you could move around with mouse look in the world and it worked pretty well. No lag at all. The only problem was that I have to delete some of the objects to reduce poly count for the realtime version. If I don’t, blender crashes. It might be because of the small amount of RAM (512 mb) or the big amount of verticles (>120K).

Here’s an old render of the columns. It shows the large amount of details.
Is it the size of textures, the amount of polys or what which causes blender to crash?

Since textures are justed pictures basically, I think that the massive amounts of polys are the cause of blender crashing. The columns look great but you are going to have too get rid of some polys somehow and the best way to do it is to make the objects that are not in the scene a whole lot lower poly then the rest. Hope that helps!

could you normal map the details?

regarding your last render, the roof might not withstand a modest hurricane, but those pillars will be there till the end of time!

the water texture needs some attention. not sure what it is but it seems to make all of the objects in your scene appear smaller in scale.

This project looks very good to me. I especially like the lightning you got.
But you need to work on the proportions! If you check the seagull for example, if you look at the fence close to it looks like the seagull is at least one meter tall. Also the boat on the other side seems way too big if you take a look at the windows of the tall building.
I think that the rock that the seagull is sitting on shouldn’t be scaled down. Maybe add two more seagulls?

Hmm. I like it, but I suggest putting the boat closer to the island building. Making it look like it’s tied to some kind of small port or something that you can’t see. or even put it really close so that you only see part of the boat sticking out. still would give the impression of occupancy if you ask me. Maybe also put the two sea birds together on the same rock or something. The boat also seems like it’s more of a plastic dingy than a wooden one, tweaking the material would pry help or maybe making the model less rounded.
What is causing the shadow on the top left btw? Just something i noticed that might draw away from your pic.
Also you have those little windows (i guess that’s what they are) on the right of the bottom three arched ones but not the top.
Anyways, that’s just some what I’m seein that might subtract from the picture.
Other than that very nice! It reminds me of something like a Sim game. Like…Sim-Ocean or Sim-Villa, haha. I like it a lot.
Oh, and one last suggestion to make it appear like it’s a building in use. See what effect you get when you add some construction related thing on the red roofed part. It’s under construction apparently yet I see no timbers laying out or roofing materials. Doesn’t need to be big, just some kind of evidence I think.

Thanks for all comments! I spent a week on a camp, so that’s why I haven’t posted any updates. After coming back I started modelling a bike (just wanted to model something). Here’s a test render:

And about the proportions: the render is ortographic so the objects far away from the camera seem bigger than they would in real life. Here’s a screen shot with the birds, the boat and the house next to each other. I think that the propirtions are fine.

My god, how do you get that rendered in 24 minutes? It takes me like 26 minutes to render very simple things, and I have a pretty high-end computer (2gb RAM, 2.2ghz dual core AMD processor, lots of HD, Nvidia GeForce 8800GTX).

It looks pretty incredible though man. Good job!