Construction History?

Do I lose all access to a mesh’s construction history if I do any action ( like move it)? That can’t be right. How do I get that menu back where I can change parameters of the object at creation? This is super frustrating.

Thanks in advance!

does not exist in blender !
but there are a few script that use some sort of parametric objects which can be re edited after creation

blender is not like a CAD soft

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Oh man, that is a drawback. I guess my workaround question would be how do you create an object at world center? At least that way I could see the object in some kind of context instead of guessing. Right now all my objects are created at random places.

Objects are created at current location of 3D cursor

I shut off the 3D cursor.

In 2.8 3d cursor (like other overlays) can be toggled from the header (if still not, expand the overlay popover and it has its own toggle somewhere in there), in 2.7 it can’t be hidden so I assume you’re using 2.8. You can reset its location with shift+c so that new objects will be created at world center again.

Try using it. It seems weird at first if you come from other 3D apps but turns out to be very useful if you learn how to use it.

I am using 2.8, sorry should have said that. So turning off the overay does not disable the tool? And I want to make sure I understand. There is no way other than the 3D cursor to tell blender to create objects at the world center?

So how would an experienced Blender user do the following: Create a torus, move it into position and the adjust something like the inner / outer radius to get it to where you need it. Is it one of the modifiers?

You have to create it where you need it.
Unfortunately that´s just how it is and you have to deal with it.

Overlays toggle just control visibility of stuff, it doesn’t prevent any functionailty as far as I know.

There is no construction history in Blender (so far). It sounds like you come from Maya ? Adjusting primitive parameters is not possible after creation. However, there are plenty of possibilities with modifiers. What I would do in your case is either use a curve and loft it, make a tubular section of a torus and make a circular array, or depending on your needs rig/skin the torus to a couple of empties (locator) or to an armature (joints).

he would do precisly that:
shift+RMB (assuming LMB is set for selection) to place 3D cursor to a place when he wants that torus. (1 click)
shift+A - add a torus in the place of 3d cursor(shortcut + 2 clicks)
tweeks inner and outer radius (2 clicks)
5 mouse clicks in total. I think its a pretty good result

I get that but what I am asking is what would you do if you had to adjust an inner outer radius after you created the object if it is no longer parametric? I am coming from C4D. I am assuming there must be a modifier that handles that type of situation because nobody in their right mind would handle that with modeling.

Create a circle mesh. Press alt G. To reset the object position to world centre. Enter edit mode with TAB key , move your circle mesh on X far away from the origin. Exit edit mode. Go to modifier tab in parameters add screw modifier. If it doesn’t t fit your orientations or needs. Edit the mesh .move rotate scale

You´d use two curves the shape of a circle and use one as the bevel object of the other.

Yeah, you are right. Unfortunatelty blender doesn’t keep primitive settings and automaticlly converts its to a mesh. There are many ways you can get a tours beside adding one. Like you can make a circular cuver and add deph to it, or many other methodes mentioned in this thread

Ok Thanks everybody! I will look into those scripts.