Construction Lines add-on - CAD - Released

K-Cycles X is Blender 3.0. Have you tried it in basic Blender 3.0 beta?

I tried it now in Blender 3.0 Beta and there it also runs slowly. As soon as I delete my userpreference and activate Constructionlines only, everything runs very smoothly.

Thanks for the update on this. I’ll see if I can re-create myself. It might be some minor conflict going on.

Maybe you have a corrupted prefs file:

Is it possible to add the function of selecting the face of the geometric as a reference surface for drawing a straight line?thank you

You can snap to a face when drawing or moving, the snap dot will be light blue. So you can either draw along the surface of a face or if drawing from a distance, you can snap to the face geometry. Do you mean something else though?

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Does this addon play nicely with ? can anyone confirm

The function I want to express is a function like this picture. I don’t know if similar functions will be added in the future?


have you seen this add on ?

I don’t think a grid is high up on the agenda. But if I’m wrong, I hope it would be based on units and not the shape of selected faces or a mesh.

I find it a bit hard to draw a shape like yours with CL. One can extend edges outside of the mesh and it still snaps to direction. But I don’t see a good way to draw or edit an edge to an angle. I guess you could draw an rectangle and then change the positions of two vertices, or add more vertices, make a cut and delete the faces not needed. But I find it would be useful to be able to set an angle with CL before drawing an edge, but having CL count the distance one draws in the (global?) x, y and z and not in the direction the edge is going to. I would also like to see CL snap to vertices on the same direction I’m drawing on. Also, a angled face might also be a bit of a problem for CL. At least, it was when I tried it just now.