Construction Lines add-on - CAD - Released

Its only lurking in some of files its not affecting every blender file

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Many thanks for your help norrid,
but let’s suppose that I have a vertical guide, and an horizontal guide.
Well, now I have to draw an horizontal guide 1m below the previous one.
It’s easy sure, but next I have to find the intersection of the vertical guide with the new horizontal guide… how can I do?

You say

Enter a numeric value for how far you want to trim by and a new guide point will be set. You can then select and delete the original if you wish

But in this way I create a parallel guide that goes to infinity, not a guide with start and end points.
I can’t imagine that I should draw a line (that I will not see because the guides are so much visible, unlike the lines) just to have a clear reference.
I’m missing something in the workflow?
Many thanks!

I’m not sure I fully understand but I’ve made a quick video of what I meant. Let me know if this is what you’re looking for.

Also, an intersection point is snappable where guides interesect.

Any news about the new 3.0 compatible version ?

The current version seems to work fine on Blender 3.0. Have you had any issues?

mac user. a few things. Guide points a bit to small (set to max) on 4k monitor. everything works a bit in slow motion, especially extrude. sometimes drawing a rectangle, the opposite vertex doesn’t snap to Tape Measure lines (e.g. 2000 x 200mm wall). clicking outside the bounding box does not return to object mode. a few more minor glitches but I don’t remember now

this addon is awasome, probably takes a lot of time and work. I will try to be more patient :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the comments and feedback, John. I’m going to release a minor update soon (0.9.62) as I want to fix a few issues (snapping performance and accuracy when modifiers are used, snapping to distant geometry through the currently focused geometry, amongst other things) before the next major release. I’ve now increased the max size that guide points can scale to, thanks for the heads up on that. I’ve also added in the first version of grid snapping.

The release is in testing at the moment and it’ll be out soon.

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Hello, I just bought Construction Lines, i am very excited about its features.
There are a few things that i noticed just right away, not sure if others mentioned before.

1 -First is that I cannot rotate the view (orbit) using my Blender shortcut while i am in the plugin mode. Is ther a way to map the same shortcut for the view rotation?
2- How can i input both of the dimensions when drawing a rectangle?
3 -Third is that it looks that there are some issues with the rotate tool, the display line does not follow the angle of the rotation.
Thanks !

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Hi Constantine,
Thanks for the purchase and your comments. Responses to each below:

  1. CL assumes default orbiting with the middle mouse button. I’m looking at a way to use the shortcut set in Blender to override this. What shortcut do you use? In the meantime, you can use the viewport navigation widget (axes).
  2. For rectangle input just delimit your values with a comma so “2,1” will give a 2x1 rectangle in whatever units you are currently using.
  3. When rotating, the display line shows where you started the rotation from and also the plane you are currently rotating along. I’ll be adding to this display in a version soon which will draw a circle section, which will better show the distance rotated.

Hello Dan,
Thanks for replying!
I am using CTRL+Right mouse button for the Orbit and CTRL + Left mouse button for Pan, I got used to this from other CAD programs like Rhino. I really use alot of orbiting so it would be great if i could use the shortcut.

I just noticed another issue with the guide lines that it randomly happens. Sometimes when i draw a guide line or when i offset one, it will try to create an angle or even a triangle like in the photos attached. I have marked with red line, the one that drew myself while the intersected ones just appeared right after.

I can’t get over how much Dan Norris gets blenders CAD shortcomings and his work to bring Blender into the CAD world. Construction Lines is a game changer.

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Hi Constantine,
I’ve been looking into the issue with extra guides being drawn and I can’t recreate it. I’ve tried from Blender 2.83-3.0 and can’t get the behaviour to happen. I think must be to do with extra clicks being registered with the key mappings that you use. I’ll look into a solution to allowing the Orbit and Pan mappings you use and hopefully this will fix the random guides.

Hi Mick,
Thanks a lot for the comment. I really appreciate that!

Hi Dan
I think you are right, the guide lines issues was probably caused by some extra clicks. It didnt quite happened since. Yeah it would be great to allow the custom orbit and pan keymaps.
Another thing that i think was mentioned before is that sometimes the extrude will not cut all through, especially when when you touch and snap on a back face as in this screenshot.

I also noticed thatsometimes it crashes with this message log


Hi Constantine,
Coincidently, I’ve been running some tests over the last couple of days with the Extrude functions and I’m definitely getting different behaviour between Blender 2.9 and 3.0. I get far more problems in Blender 3.0. I’ve noticed some recent (last couple of days) code changes to the Blender source code for both Boolean and Solidify operations. I use both of these modifiers to make my extrude tool work, so I’m hoping these changes have resolved the issues and will be fixed for the next Blender update. I’ll download the latest build and do some testing later today.
Thanks for sharing the error message, I’ve put a in code check for this now, so it won’t come up again.