construction materials store

Hi there!

I’m making a construction materials store projecto for a client. I made the external views (without radiosity, only Blender Internal):

And i making a internal development:

[UPDATE WITH TWO BATHROOMS] Finished internal images:

This I’ll render with POV-Ray, and I use the Povanim excelent exporter.
Already I’ll the finished pictures.

A big hug and thanks for the attention!

There’s that guy again. It’s a very nice scene to look at, being so clean and all.

henrymop thanks for your words!



Hey, i nearly missed this post, WIP forum i don’t bother with much, man i love your style.



Dude, incredible, i dont do much architechtural design.
peace man

Great job, I’m sure your boss will be happy with what you come up with.

Yellow - Thanks for your words. Sorry for mine, I don’t know this language very well.

free_ality - :wink:

Cyborg Dragon - Thnaks! I hope that its come true too.

[UPDATED with two bathrooms in the end]

poor man standing there all day and all night long just to be in your pictures!! :wink:

beautiful renders; I also like your style. You print a lot of it to each image you produce.

Bom demais, cara!

Hi! :slight_smile:

afecelis = Thanks a lot!

paicolman = Valeu hombre!

A big hug!