Constructive Criticism Required

so guys i have been learning curves and took this project for curve learning .
give your advice and thought since i am still on learning ,

so your advice will help me a lot
thank you.

Hi, @Ksalk3d
The model looks quite good but the material could use some work, especially the non-glass parts. I cannot tell by the look of it, if it’s made with metal or plastic. Also, it could use some wear&tear - add dirtied spots, scratches, etc. You might consider using HDRI for more realistic lighting.
Anyway, the model looks interesting and original, congrats :+1:
The road to learning could be curved indeed :wink:

final render for this lantern give your thoughts

Ok final update again

The green material is better choice then the previous one. The style is more Sketchfab, then “model in interior”. If you’ve intended this kind of style, then OK - success :slightly_smiling_face: But if you want more realistic look, you might consider further work on the materials (mentioned in my previous post). Anyways, the progress is here.